What’s Dog Breeding All About.

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You might be thinking that breeding dogs is simple and could make you a healthy amount of money. The truth is it takes a lot of work and money to get your breeding business off the ground. It’s not just a walk in the park.Canine breeding needs a lot of time, passion, and patience nonetheless it also entails a lot of costs that you’ll need to pay.

Breeding your whelps (young pups) starts with choosing the right dogs. So what’s in? Big dogs, toy dogs, dogs that pose a threat, dogs that make you look and feel important. The person determines the right answer. It should start with you being comfortable with the dog in general. After all, this is going to be not only your pet but your business partner.

Once you’ve chosen the right dog, it is important to have a good history on the dog and it’s lifeline. You should be familiar with the inbreeding coefficient. It is a tool that measures that a dog has inherited 50% of it’s genes from each parent. Example, if two dogs were littermates than they would produce a dog with a 50% IC. Most dog breeding recommends an IC of 15% or higher to get good quality whelps.

Many people worry about the term inbred. God forbid humans to do it. You would be shamed out of the country. But for animals, it means that only the best are being sought to create the perfect product. If one is looking to improve on the lifeline of a dog, you may consider going to an unrelated source. Be sure to interview the owner on the traits of the dog. You don’t want to double up on bad traits which could result in essence downgrade your breed.

Next, you’ll want to select a veterinarian that is familiar with breeding. You’ll be surprised that not all vets are experienced in this nature. Depending on the size of the dog, a c-section may be in order. When looking at Chihuahuas, the whelps could be anywhere from 20-25% of the dam’s size. For this reason, these dogs produce fewer pups. But don’t think you’re safe with larger breeds, they could just as easily have complications during the whelping process. You may even want to visit your local shelter to see if there is a female dog about to give birth or maybe there are some pups that need to be socialized.

The dogs should be thoroughly examined for vaccinations, retinal diseases, hip and joint problems, heart conditions, deafness, and hemophilia. In other words, a complete physical. The most important are making sure that the female dog and stud are free from brucellosis. This could create sterility down the road.

In the ideal situation, the female dog should only be bred every other year. The season before her second birthday is a good one to start with. Decreased mental and physical growth could endanger the female and the whelps. For the stud, he may breed as much and whenever he likes. Just be sure to keep his checkups to date.

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